The dog goes to the beach every day to wait for his absent-minded fishing owner.

This dog frequents the beach every day and waits impatiently for his fishing master, gazing wistfully at the water. The dog still waits for the man even after he passed away a few years ago. A local named Jollie posted Vito’s tale on social media.

She has known the dog for a very long time. Jolie believed a well-groomed and orderly puppy had owners and would be picked up soon when she first spotted him.

The woman talked to the dog and petted his head as they sat together for a long, but no one came to retrieve the dog. A bystander quickly caught sight of Jollie. Vito’s tale and the fact that nobody was waiting for the dog were both mentioned to the woman by him.

Soon after, a local neighbor gave the devoted dog a place to live. He is clean and in good health thanks to her good care for him, but he still yearns for his master and waits for him every day on the beach.

Locals claim that the dog always went with him to the sea and welcomed him back after fishing. Vito is a wonderful example of the commitment and unwavering love that dogs exhibit, which we may not always deserve.

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