The family adopted the cat, and now he repays them by delivering presents.

Zizo, a cat with a funny moniker, is a member of Samuel’s family. A year ago, he was adopted from a shelter. He rapidly acclimated to his new home and progressively increased his “field of research.”

The fact that the pet consistently made it home gave his owners peace of mind. The cat is likely attempting to thank his owners in a unique way because he is appreciative of the family who adopted him.

One time Samuel’s wife startled him with a shout, and as he ran to save her, he noticed an odd vision. Zizo wanted to gift the hostess a bird that she had found. She was upset with the pet’s behavior, so she quickly let it go.

You should also come up with something more intriguing. With this in mind, he frequently visits new owners while compulsively gathering gifts for them. In some manner, he was able to remove the day’s presents.

The owners gave him a little camera that was linked to his collar to help him avoid difficulties because a fantastic dream might occasionally be presented while choosing a gift.

By the way, he inspects everything carefully from all sides before taking it.

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