A 16-year-old cat from a shelter finally found the folks he had spent his entire life searching for.

When he was taken to one of the American shelters, he was around 16 years old. Even domestic cats occasionally don’t make it to this age. Hyper-sociability was another characteristic that set the cat apart.

Trying to get to know everyone at the shelter, he did. The staff at the shelter debated what to do with an elderly man named Barni for a very long time. Finally, the idea to locate the cat a new home and owners was put forth.

The married pair Edward and Cleo Sheeran. According to Edward, a veterinarian, Barni was unlikely to find kind, caring owners. The family duo, however, were intrigued by the cat’s story and images and decided to assist him.

The cat was furthermore surrounded by love and care while working at the clinic and frequently interacted with clients (after all, he loved everything so much, as we remember).

In order for Barni to live out the remainder of his days in comfort, feeling loved and wanted, and with nothing on his mind, the couple explained that their objective was to give him a pleasant existence.

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