A squirrel was given up for adoption by a Pitbull. A compelling tale.

A charming and instructive parable about how dogs, regardless of their upbringing, have enough sympathy for all beings. No one would have imagined that while on a stroll, Everly the pit bull would become a lifetime friend.

And this is how it transpired. His present owner came close to removing her from the somewhat lawful competition. The dog changed because of Lia’s warmth and devotion, becoming sociable and kind-hearted and finally able to display his best qualities.

Eventually, while walking through the woodland park, the dog came upon a very little squirrel. Out of curiosity, she began to sniff the animal. Since it’s likely that the squirrel escaped the nest, Lia began looking for another one nearby.

The little squirrel traveled the entire distance to the house with the dog, but there was no sign of the mother or of the nest. The pit bull played with the little animal like a real mother the entire time, remaining close to a new friend.

Although friendship is a good thing, the juvenile squirrel was donated to a wildlife rehabilitation facility by the child.

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