A initiative to build winter shelters for stray cats was started by a group of goodhearted persons.

By building winter cat shelters, a group of volunteers showed how much they care for cats. Contrary to conventional perception, the lads believe that cats need a place to stay since they can’t always locate what they’re looking for.

They are aware that although a stray cat only lives for two to three years, a domestic cat might live for one to fifteen years. Their predicament deteriorates during the winter.

Thousands of animals freeze to death every year. But they set out to alter it.

The guys transformed several storage bins into cat homes, which they subsequently gave to Animal Project. The organization was overjoyed by the kind donations.

They could now provide the cats these little shelters to save them from being exposed to the cold during the winter months.

With this kind deed, they have significantly improved the situation for the state’s stray animals, and we are glad to know that there are kind and dedicated people out there. They have provided stray cats with cozy places to rest.

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