The dog waited for her at the hospital gates for a week while the owner was receiving treatment.

The minute Sana Iniesta, 22, and Mayo, 2, lay eyes on the puppy at the shelter, they fell in love. Since then, the pair haven’t actually broken up. The girl would occasionally bring the dog to work.

However, the owner of Mayo had an unpleasant situation over the weekend. They agreed to go to the water together, but Sana wasn’t feeling well in the car. The young lady was hospitalized right away to the hospital after having to go there.

The entire week that Sana was recuperating after the treatment, her dog was waiting for her next to the clinic. The girl’s father used to feed a cherished pet on a daily basis, but he gave up on attempting to bring the animal home.

After being let out of the hospital, Sana was the first person she met when she arrived at the clinic. Even the pet needed to be calmed down by Sana since she was hopping and swinging her tail so excitedly when she saw the owner.

It should be noted that throughout that week, clinic staff members used the Spanish “Hachiko” to take images and make movies, which quickly made Mayo a social media hit.

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