After a year of daily visits, the cat won’t quit coming to the owner

This cat’s owner passed away a year ago. But even then, the devoted animal has remained with her mother. A passerby called Kelli from central Jaava was the first to hear this cat’s sorrowful cry, and she even made an effort to console the animal by carrying it home.

It didn’t work, though, and the cat returned the next day to his previous place. It turns out that the cat spent a whole year there since he couldn’t accept his loss.

The cat only gets up from there to return home and be fed by the kids who are his owner. While dozing off there, he meows. It is quite distressing to see this. According to Kelli, it shows how close-knit the animals are to their owners.

Experts claim that even pets like cats who may not show much affection for their owners may actually feel their loss if the human goes away suddenly.

The cat could become agitated and lose interest in the outer world. It is suggested that you contact your veterinarian right away to ask for assistance in such urgent instances.

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