The retired therapy dog mentors and befriends a Staffordshire Terrier who has lost his sight.

Amor was born at an animal shelter after his mother was taken off the street soon before giving birth. At the age of eight months, the dog completely lost his sight, leaving him dependent on Jess.

She was worried that her older dog, Tobias, who was her second child, may not get along with Amor. She didn’t need to worry, though, since Tobias adopted the dog as his loyal guardian after seeing it.

Tobias “worked” as a therapy dog in a nursing home for residents for many years. After retiring, he ultimately ran into Jess. She only kept the dog as a pet for eight years. But he is no longer alone.

Blind Amor, the therapy dog, who had grown accustomed to taking care of people and now felt like himself, became his friend. This does not occur frequently.

He brought a dish of water for the dog and helped him explore the house, which he could no longer see. His loyal friend and guide was at his side at all times.

Thanks to a dog who just enjoys assisting people and a gracious, caring owner.

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