A kind Australian Shepherd made friends with a calf that was saved in poor condition.

A beautiful couple named Jake and Elie decided to adopt a calf. Despite receiving frequent medical care, the concerned couple didn’t hold out much hope that the calf would survive. Wonderful family dog Cloudy was always by Moo’s side, soothing and tending to him in his own special way.

Thankfully, the strong newborn cow ultimately improved. Cloudy became friends with Moo right away after meeting him. This dog was giving his new pal hugs, kisses, and mouth wipes.

He was willing to do whatever it needed to help his friend get better since he was really worried about him. And thanks to Cloudy, the left calf rapidly recovered completely. The calf, whom his guardian angel actually saved, is now large and healthy and eager to play with him.

They remained lifelong best friends. It was extremely amusing how they spent their time chasing each other around the yard like infants. They were able to converse and show their affection for one another despite the fact that they belonged to different species.

Their special bond was simply extraordinary. Watch the unique closeness between this great pair here:

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