Five times a stray dog tried to steal his favorite toy from a shop. He consequently received a toy.

In the spring, workers at an American North Carolina retailer complained to animal services about a stray dog at a nearby departmental shelter. He allegedly frequently visits the store and tries to steal a purple unicorn.

She originally purchased him this toy before an officer arrived to take the dog to the shelter. The most unique difficulty she had ever encountered in her work, she acknowledged, was this one.

On the shelter’s Facebook page, a post describing the event soon gained popularity.

It showed that the dog is just pleased with the present and won’t part with his preferred ivy toy for even a moment. The dog’s name is Silu. He is already a year old, and the staff at the shelter reports that he gets along well with humans and is peaceful.

Over 10,000 people liked and shared the Sislu post on social media. The next day, there were lines of people waiting to adopt him after he had a picture session with the same unicorn due to high demand. They ultimately decided on a single woman, and the puppy was given a home.

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