An lovely golden-beige pet raccoon becomes an internet sensation because to a cute haircut on its back.

Yuma, is a two-year-old golden-beige raccoon. Together with his owner Joya Tai, he lives in a regular city apartment in Taiwan. Yuma used to resemble his fluffy cousins in appearance, but now he has a stylish haircut and is dressed to the nines.

And, as usual, the biggest celebrity on the Internet. Joya, 33, travels to Yuma by car each year to receive the necessary medical care. So the animal barber offered to give the raccoon a distinctive haircut rather than just shaving him.

Thousands of followers follow Yuma on social media from all over the world because he now seems to be funny, and for good reason. Joya posts fresh images of her pet and tales of his exploits on her blog virtually every day.

Nothing about the raccoon’s appearance as a youngster suggested that he would grow up to become an internet star, the owner continued. The raccoon and its owner both liked the new cut because it is much simpler to maintain the animal’s fur.

Joya asserts that she has no desire to profit from the celebrity of her pet. The animal now has a curly pattern on its back. The animal now has a more appealing appearance.

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