This third-grade cat refuses to eat if he can’t go to school.

One of the schools has a really interesting new student. A year ago, a ginger stray cat found his way there, and the kids had fun caring for him, feeding him, and playing with him. Over time, the cat developed more self-assurance and ultimately entered the school.

Purr’s preferred location was the third-class office. Teachers did not send him home early; instead, they treated him differently and gave him the nickname Timber.

Timber, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about his schooling and behaved like a perfect student in every aspect. He also paid great attention to his lecturers and turned the pages. Not all of the parents who complained to management are thrilled with the cat, though. He desired to enroll in an elementary school.

Timber went three days without consuming any food or liquids. Timber received formal recognition as a worker. He has a personal file, veterinary certifications, evidence of necessary medications, and a list of duties.

The children were thrilled when the cat returned to the school, and the parent who had complained apologized and even gave the animal a new collar.

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