The brave dog saved the girl from a dangerous snake encounter, but the experience left him in a horrible way.

It’s hardly surprising that many consider dogs to be man’s best friend. In contrast to a dog, who will do it without hesitation, even your closest friends and family members are not always prepared to sacrifice themselves for you.

This Florida family acquired a German Shepherd called Holi a few months ago. Holi sprang to help without any hesitation when the owners’ seven-year-old daughter had a problem.

When a rattlesnake arrived and approached Moly while she was playing in the yard, she was startled. As soon as it saw Moly and the snake, the dog rushed to his assistance, laying in between them. The dog risked his life by protecting the child, yet he did not go away.

The entire town came together to gather money for an antidote and treatment because the man, who had already saved the daughter, needed help right away.

15000 dollars were collected on the first day, and on the second day, the total had crossed 50,000 dollars. Holi was fortunately saved while receiving therapy till he fully recovered. Dogs are really our best pals, but they go beyond that.

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