They decided against taking the dog from the refuge and left it on the bus.

Many people on the planet do not understand what it means to be accountable. Such people were in possession of this adorable puppy when it debuted, and they decided to remove it from the animal shelter but changed their minds on the way and abandoned it on the bus.

He had been missing all day, and the shelter personnel had been searching the whole time he was gone. He was allowed off one bus, but he boarded the following one and continued traveling that way the remainder of the day.

Volunteers and regular people started looking for him while he was out on an amazing excursion, but it took them until the dark to find him and bring him to the same shelter.

For the time being, he is still there, and they are searching for a new, loving home and owners who are prepared to be responsible for the dog.

The dog is adorable, kind, and sociable, and she likes to play with kids. Ideally, this adorable little puppy will soon find a loving home with responsible owners.

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