Villagers spent three months trying to capture a dog whose head and neck were wrapped in a piece of pipe.

It took the villagers three months to capture this black dog, whose head and neck was caught in a sewer pipe. Volunteers were needed, but when the dog spotted them, just as it did to everyone else, he run.

When the dog started to growl in hunger, the camera next to the bowl caught the pipe bending, suggesting that the dog’s neck was twisted and that no one understood how she got into such a situation.

Her health quickly declined since she was unable to defend herself, breathe, or eat. The dog was transported to the vet by nice rescuers. Since her neck was swollen, the tube had to be gently removed because it could not be yanked out.

She went through a lot, but happily, she is now in excellent hands; they take care of her and work to rebuild her faith in others, and after treatment, they will be put in a permanent home. Fortunately, the story has a happy conclusion and the cute puppy is currently doing well.

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