A pit bull with a heartfelt note attached was found in a park.

When his previous owners no longer needed him, the cute pit bull had some good fortune and was saved. In a Brooklyn park, he was fastened to a tree and had a note nearby.

Thank goodness someone found the puppy in time to save her! A local resident named Eric spotted a doggie near a tree when he and his two dogs were walking in the park. First, Eric tried to find the dog’s owners, but they were nowhere to be found.

When he went closer, he was shocked to see a message written on a tree. Eric went up to the dog immediately away since it was just as pleasant and sweet as she was.

At that point, Eric realized he had found a lost dog and that he needed to take action, but he didn’t know where to start. However, he decided to help Mamas.

When Eric ran out of ideas but still wanted to help, he shot a few pictures and posted them on his Facebook page. When the dog arrived at the rescue facility, he seemed extremely happy. Simply put, he felt secure.

Once she has finished all of her treatments, he can be adopted.

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