In the middle of the marsh, a young guy came across an owl that had been still for a day.

A man who was taking a stroll around the city’s center noticed a little creature. He peered and saw an owl. He didn’t give this much thought as he carried on with his task.

The next day, while he was on his way to a business meeting, he was still able to see the owl by the marsh. He decided to help the bird when he began to suspect anything was amiss.

He noticed that the owl was trapped as he drew near to her. The owl had been immobile for a day and had obviously given up on being rescued. He took care not to startle the bird as he carefully walked up to it.

The owl was not abandoned by the Savior; rather, he fed her and spoke to her tenderly until she felt better, was at ease, and took flight.

What a great guy, isn’t he?

And even though we are glad that everything worked out in the end, we kindly ask everyone to not put our younger brothers in a similar situation again and, if at all possible, to assist them.

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