The veterinarian established a refuge where he saves wild animals from circuses and zoos.

We’ll offer you a quick introduction to Karen Dallakyan, a compassionate veterinarian with lovely hands, in this post. He has taken in and cared for wild creatures for many years.

He was deserving of the moniker “hero,” and individuals like him should serve as models and standards. Dallakyan and his family developed a refuge for animals and birds on the site of the former laboratory.

The first animal brought to him for treatment was a tiger cub named Zhu. Karen was able to save him despite his predicament and left him to live in a shelter because the zoo’s owners did not need a tiger cub.

The owner built big fences on the property next to the structure to provide the animals the finest possible environment. Some people, His wife, his heirs, and a huge number of volunteers help Karen after the animals are returned into the wild.

The refuge receives financial help from kind people because to the significant cost of supplying them with food, medicine, and care. These days, we require such heroes.

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