When the dog’s owner ordered him to halt, the street cat was already fastened to his back.

A young woman named Anna reluctantly put on shoes so she could walk her dog in the rain. Her favorite dog, Willo, had been looking forward to a walk and was now sitting at the door, coming up to Anna with all his might.

Once they got outside the door, Willo started sprinting as fast as he could. This made him dance excitedly, scattering splashes from puddles, but Anna knew what type of red-haired dog she would be cleaning.

Willo was taking in the fresh air. Then from behind the tree came the face of a little cat. When the fluffy spotted the energetic dog, he immediately ran to him, and Willo was even moved by his boldness. He began to wag his tail to signal his whereabouts.

Anna, on the other hand, paid no attention to what was happening. He noticed a gray cat following him after calling the animal. The kitten saw a large puddle that looked like a river and jumped up onto the dog’s back.

They were unable to leave the child outside in the rain since the girl’s mother had not anticipated such a visitor.

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