Every day in Turkey, Kuppata, a stray dog, helps young people cross the street.

Animals never cease to amaze us. Do you think you have seen everything? Today brings a fresh surprise for you. Meet a cute pooch that may have worked as a traffic enforcer in a prior life.

He lives in Turkey, goes by the name Kuppata, and is considered as a true local celebrity. The truth is that Kuppata helps the kids cross the street safely every day. Each image was captured in Antalya by a young man by the name of Bekka.

Children use them to wait for cars to stop so they may safely cross the street. Then, a mysterious dog appears at the crosswalk and offers the brave children help in finishing their difficult task.

It turns out that Kuppata does this every day! The dog took on the duties of a traffic enforcer. He was first simply a typical stray dog, but the neighborhood began to take care of him.

With the help of this “volunteer” effort, the dog is probably now attempting to thank them. Such a thing most certainly won’t occur every day. A courageous dog, indeed.

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