Stray cat knocks on door to get permission to give birth to her kittens.

A cat that was roaming a backyard pleaded with her feeding for help so she could give birth to her kittens. Wurst, a stray cat, only thought she may be safe there since she had been friends with a resident cat from a nearby house when she asked for help.

Lida began to suspect that a black cat frequently visited her property. Wurst seems to truly enjoy Lida’s cat and was eager to get friends with Bruno despite being fairly shy around others.

After she met Wurst, Lida started leaving food outside her house so she could eat whenever she went to see them. But as the days passed, Lida saw that Wurst’s tummy was growing larger than normal and realized that she was expecting.

She delivered birth a short time afterward. Wurst stepped in and found a comfortable position for her as soon as he opened the door. Wurst brought two cute kittens. Lida put the four kittens up for adoption when they were old enough. She saw to guarantee that they stayed in devoted households and with Wurst.

She fell in love with her dear mother after everything they had gone through together, and the only thing left to do was to provide her a permanent home.

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