A 1.5-pound wild boar that a Golden Retriever is caring for begins to believe she is a puppy.

The package that a Sri Lankan woman named Dorra and her boyfriend found on their doorstep in September 2021 contained a little wild pig. Even though they were shocked, Dorra and BF wanted to help the animal.

As a result, the pig, whom they called Yeji, remained with them always. People began taking care of Blu Blu, a Labrador Retriever dog, in addition to Yeji.

Since the dog was so kind to the pig and taught it how to eat, walk, and play, Yeji quickly began to think of the dog as her mother. Yeji still believes that Blu-Blu is her mother, despite the fact that she now weighs about twice as much as the dog.

Yeji was raised among dogs, therefore she is adamant that she is a dog, says Dorra. Yeji particularly loves going to see Blu-Blu and the other dogs that live with Dorra. The animals interact with one another while walking through the house, playing in the pool, and occasionally even sharing a dish of food.

We didn’t even need to train her because dogs have been doing this since Yeji was a young child. When Dorra and her partner observe how kind and helpful their dogs are to one another, they are ecstatic.

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