A white cat came into the store every day, sat at the door, and awaited something.

Last week, Sana, a young woman from Mexico, made the decision to go shopping. By the shop, a white purr with white fur was sitting by itself. Sana had no means of determining that the animal’s presence was not purely accidental.

The cat seemed to be anticipating the girl’s kind greeting. The animal came up to her and looked into her eyes, asking her to follow him.

Sana was shocked to learn that the animal was accompanying her to the store and even to a certain place! Sana adored her new companion so much that when she returned to the store the next day, she immediately began hunting for the cat.

The young girl concluded that the cat was a stray. He had no other place to buy food of any type, and this little shop was it.

Maybe the animal even considered it to be a kind of home.

That evening, Sana decided to take the remarkable cat home and keep him forever. Sana was given a thank-you note from the shop staff.

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