A guy has been accumulating money for an ambulance for stray animals for more than ten years.

The devotion this Indian guy has for animals has no boundaries. Dhruv is an average person in India. However, he is more than simply a hero for the four-legged creatures because of what he did to discover stray animals in his nation.

For more than ten years, he has been saving money for an ambulance to aid all the animals in need.

“I used to hate dogs, but now they’re my life and I can’t fathom not having them,” the speaker said. I’ll continue doing it forever.

A compassionate person can help animals whose owners are unable to take them to the vet in addition to homeless dogs and cats. Additionally, Dhruv must accommodate needy animals in his house.

They took care of them, fed them, and gave them medicine when required. To raise money, he charges a little fee to the owner of the animals he takes to the veterinarian.

According to the man, not everyone appreciates his efforts to save these helpless creatures. This man is an inspiration to everyone, and because of him, many animals are now secure and healthy.

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