A heartfelt message was attached to the collar of a cute stray cat that was seen wandering the streets.

When she was found walking the streets of Illinois, it was obvious that this cat was not a stray. The kind people who discovered her noticed her tidy clothing and polite demeanor. The cat was immediately taken to a neighboring shelter.

The staffers at the shelter were shocked to discover a handwritten note attached to the cat’s collar.

“Vila, good bye. I wish I could hold you close to me. Vila, good luck finding a suitable owner.

Vila’s previous owners were unknown to the shelter, but that didn’t stop them from trying to find her a loving family and a permanent home.

So they snapped a photo of the cat and uploaded it online, where many people were amazed by the tale.

One of them was Sara, and as she read the message, she was overcome with emotion. The woman made the decision that she had to visit the shelter as soon as possible to meet this adorable cat.

The following day, Sara arrived at the shelter with Vila in her arms. Vila acted as though she had lived in her new home for a long time as soon as she arrived and became more at ease.

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