Golden Retriever adopted a stray cat in need and raised it as her own.

The number of stray animals is rising all across the world. Fortunately, there are good people everywhere who are responding to calls for volunteers to help with this rapidly expanding problem.

Eskel, a cat living in Thailand, has a damaged tail. Eskel, though, was found by a nice man. Eskel was introduced to the owner’s best friend, a canine companion in the Golden Retriever breed.

When Eskel was around two months old, he was taken from the street. Eskel was washed and had his tail treated by the vet after the guy carried him there. Eskel was promptly welcomed into his new house, where he met Miko, the golden retriever that belongs to his family.

The moment the dog turned to look at Eskel and poked his nose at the cat, it signaled the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Miko followed Eskel everywhere in the house. The dog captured the kitten’s attention to the point that he wanted to swallow her milk.

The scenario had no effect on Miko, who cuddled up to the animal and developed feelings for it. Thanks to Miko’s care, Eskel is now a contented, well-adjusted two-year-old cat who is cherished by his mother, a golden retriever.

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