When she got this cat in 1990, she had no idea that she would be commemorating his birthday 31 years later.

Meet Rubba, “the oldest cat in the world”! A beautiful 31-year-old British cat named Rubba hails from the country. When Michaela, his owner, was discovered in May 1990 just on the side of the road, she was given ginger and white cat as a birthday gift to herself.

Unquestionably, it was one of the most considerate gifts she had ever received.

The cat and Michaela have a beautiful bond that dates back many years, and according to Michaela, he is very devoted and affectionate.

He had a long life because, in her words, he was loved and nurtured “like a child.” Overall, the cat is in good health. She is kept steady and healthy by her own veterinarian.

She also intends to let Rubba live out his days without causing too much controversy in the area. We also think that this is a respectable response from a hostess who truly cares about her pet and is not trying to use him for financial gain or celebrity.

What a lovely friendship the two have. Hopefully the cat will live for many more happy years.

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