A kind-hearted high school student donates her $60,000 essay competition prize to the shelter where her cat formerly lived.

Due to a heartfelt essay, she wrote about her cat, the thirteen-year-old girl received $60,000. It entered the tops and extricated more animals from the refuge.

The girl decided to donate all of her profits to the cats since she believed that the tale may not have ended this way if it weren’t for the cats.

In an essay for a global competition, she talked about the difficulties she encounters because of her health every day and how her adorable kitty helps her get through them.

The young lady volunteers her time at a neighboring shelter. She took Mister Matt there when he was barely a week old. The young author’s most important secret was how authentically she wrote. Her kitty was described as “a cuddly buddy and a rescue gift” by the woman.

Of course, she didn’t think about winning at first. Sylvia received money in the amount of $60,000.

She donated the entire sum to the shelter which Mr. Matt had formerly called home. There are no regrets for the girl.

She believes that such an act was the perfect way to end the year 2020.

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