Cute 2-week-old Kitten was hiding in a tissue box, and her parents searched for her for more than an hour.

Pictures of a kitten hiding in a tissue box are causing a stir on the internet. Model Brittany Cruz posted a picture of the cat on Twitter. In just two days, it earned around 250 thousand retweets.

It all began when Tummy, a cute cat, disappeared. The cat’s owners spent more than an hour looking through every inch of the house for her. The pet was eventually discovered inside a little tissue box.

Brittany snapped a photo of a cute kitten’s face peeking out of a box. Little Tummy likely entered the box and slept asleep there. The woman says she just happened to find the cat.

If her grandad hadn’t required napkins, the cat may not have been found. Many users thought the cat was really cute and mentioned that their own cats also did this, which is quite charming.

Many cat owners have found that their pets like hiding places, such as in boxes or bags. The causes of this trait, according to an expert, are cats’ desire for protection and possibility for a nice view.

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