The family built the stray cat his own house since they were so desperate to save him and earn his confidence.

Maria and her husband live in a little house with a cat park for their two cats, Lulu and Zaza, outdoors. Once, the hosts saw a brand-new guest who had just arrived close to their park.

A cat began frequently looking into Maria’s yard. When Maria and her husband became aware of this, they gave the cat the name Zigzag right away. They left bowls of goodies for the park’s visitors.

He came and ate everything, but as soon as he noticed humans, he left. However, the owners didn’t lose hope. Maria and her husband decided to build Zigzag a warm, cozy home on the spot where they had left the bowls for him.

As they waited for Zigzag to identify the wooden house as his new home, they moved the bowls there. After admiring the gift, Zigzag took a seat beneath the slate roof adjacent to the park.

They discovered Zigzag once they were inside the house.

Zigzag is now regarded as a complete part of the family and is free to use the park among more senior cats if he so chooses.

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