A stray cat that a rescue dog sees on the street is adopted.

A 17-year-old dog named Bali and his family has just moved into a new home. A stray cat was living in the valley behind the house while Bali and her owner Josh were out exploring.

When someone decided to help and began giving the animal food, the canine was already making an effort to become friends with it.

Bali allegedly routinely checked on her in the backyard, according to Josh.

The family was first unaware of the dog’s antics. On the porch, Bali sat with her new friend. The owners claim that strays have never established pals in Bali before.

It shows how kind and sweet she is. Other family members were soon able to instill confidence in the timid kitty. They began to take care of her by imitating Bali, and today the cat lives with them.

Bali is followed by Kat, the new pet, who was given the name. So to speak, she is now formally a member of the family, says Josh.

What a sweet, loving dog. The cat is fortunate to have such a thoughtful buddy.

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