A woman is asked to accept a little black stray cat named Macy into her house so that she can give birth.

When Lida sensed that the black cat was going to give birth to kittens, she started to visit the woman more regularly. She eventually gave the cat the name Macy. As a result, the animal finally made Lida’s home its home.

Macy began dropping by Lida’s house when she saw that Lida’s cat frequented the backyard.

The black cat started meowing at the door every morning as Ida entered her house soon after she began feeding her.

Lida began tending to her. The woman soon learned that the cat was pregnant. When Macy came one morning at about five in the morning, she was already sat on the threshold.

It was unusual for her to be meowing so loudly and persistently all at once. The mother allowed her inside about nine in the morning and proceeded to give birth. Old blankets were spread out in the hallway by Lida to make a place for kittens to be born.

First, Macy gave birth to two kittens. She seemed happy. Thanks to Lida, kittens have already been successfully put in devoted homes.

The choice to retain Macy was made by Ida.

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