Adorable dog Brian is known across the community for meeting locals while jogging four miles every day.

Dogs are a human’s best friend. They are incredibly gentle and sensitive individuals with huge hearts. Along with their tenderness and friendliness, people respect their unwavering dedication and loyalty.

They make the lives of their human counterparts happy and fulfilled. Brian is a special dog that offers love and goodness to everyone.

It’s no secret that all dogs like taking walks and exploring new places. They like experiencing new things.

Brian, a living legend, travels 4 miles each way from his house to Longville every day in order to greet everyone there. The affable dog has been performing it for more than 12 years. Brian presumably lived as a stray dog before being adopted.

His owner Larry seldom came upon him on his driveway. The instant he saw the little puppy, he fell in love. He adopted him under his wing right away. After finding out about his dog’s routine escapades, Larry tried to break this strange habit.

Everyone gives him warm greetings, delicious food, and hugs. All people adore Brian. In the town, he is so well-known and well-liked that a statue of him was created.

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