At the zoo, an otter family and a family of monkeys have a very close connection.

It’s typically entertaining to watch friendly encounters between various animal types. This time, the internet was intrigued by a rare relationship between orangutan families and zoo otters.

The zoo’s employees built an artificial river for otters in the orangutan enclosure. Since then, an almost supernatural bond has grown between the creatures.

Curry, the father of the family, is extremely cordial towards otters.

Curry lives nearby with Sahara, his girlfriend of 16 years, and their 5-year-old kid Benito. They all get along well with their new neighbors. Animals like the game of hide-and-seek in particular.

Benito looks beneath tree trunks and other wooden things for any otters that could be hiding there. Staff at the zoo said, “It’s just wonderful.” Since the institution places a great focus on wellness and the circumstances in which they are housed, the river was purposefully located on the zoo’s main grounds.

Communication and intellectually demanding developmental activities are crucial for orangutans. Otters profit from spending time on land as well. This tale is another illustration of a successful interspecies friendship.

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