These Huskies saved a cat, and they ended up being her lifelong friends.

Three Los Angeles-based Huskies raised Rose and allowed her to join the group. The three dog owners picked up the infant on the street last year.

To the owners’ surprise, Lily the dog started taking care of the new family member right away. Nowadays, cats and dogs collaborate on everything.

“Our husky.” Rose was in such horrible shape that Lily actually saved her life. The entire time, Lily had been by her side.

The animal’s owners noted, “It seems that Rose started to think of herself as a dog after that.” They claimed that the cat developed all of the best traits of dogs, including leadership, bravery, and love of baths.

Their Instagram account, which enables pet owners to post pictures of their animals, has more than 135,000 followers.

What a fascinating tale. Who would have imagined that a dog and a cat, much less a dog and a small kitty found on the street, could make such wonderful buddies?

Cases like this demonstrate that animals, regardless of their breed or size, are superior to humans and will assist those in need.

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