For this man, snuggling and taking care of kitties is the best job in the entire world.

This man’s name is Karen, but everyone just calls him a cat guy since he might have the most enjoyable job in the world: stroking cats. By profession, Karen Bill is a veterinarian, and he simply enjoys all animals, especially cats.

Karen began working as a veterinarian’s assistant at a veterinary clinic while she was enrolled in veterinary school.

Gill had come to the conclusion that cats were the only animals with which he felt completely at home by the time he received his undergraduate degree.

Karen now manages two veterinarian clinics in New York. In addition to looking after cats, Karen also adopts cats that have particularly touched his heart. He currently has four dogs and thirteen cats at home.

On Instagram, Karen frequently posts pictures of his pets and scenes from his workplace. Karen saved them literally by bringing them in with him. Karen is frequently observed playing with and caressing cats.

He believes kids need it just like they need care and medication. Such a kind man. If only everyone could be as he is.

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