A young donkey abandoned by his mother shortly after birth discovers a new, loving family in the sanctuary.

Young females often reject their young in the animal realm because their maternal instincts are still dormant. The young donkey’s mother abandoned it in a British shelter, yet despite this, the animal was able to discover not just nice people but even a new mother.

The donkey known as Biggie was able to stand unsupported just a few hours after his birth. Genetically, herbivores tend to mature at this rate. Biggie’s mother didn’t care about the animal, though.

Then the staff members of the shelter decided to feed Biggie themselves. He received milk-baby food mixture and water every four hours, but he missed his mother. Then Abby, a donkey from an adjacent pasture, intervened to offer assistance.

Immediately, Abby felt sorry for Biggie. This happened on the third day after birth, and a week later they were running and playing together. She behaved like a loving mother by always being there.

The staff at the shelter said that Biggie was raised to be a kind and sympathetic donkey who is pleasant and easy to deal with.

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