The cat’s owners observed a strange new habit: playing hide-and-seek in the refrigerator.

Like the majority of his family, Pine the cat occasionally displays very mysterious behavior. His strange new behavior, hiding and seeking inside the refrigerator, recently caught his owner Jane off guard.

The cat started to jump inside and settle down on one of the shelves every time the woman opened the door.

On social media, Jane tweeted about her problem. The fluffy one should be allowed to properly inspect the open refrigerator and sit down inside of it for however long he wishes, many commentators recommended the girl. But this was poor counsel.

I decided to take their advise and let Pine look through every shelf and drawer of the refrigerator, trying to get his attention. But that didn’t help either because he still enthusiastically hops into the refrigerator when I open it. Jane stated.

Two cats, one of which is named Pine, reside at the residence of Jane and her boyfriend. The second cat shows little interest in the refrigerator, simply giving his sibling a quizzical glance when he climbs onto the shelves containing food. By the way, Pine is not at all interested in the food in the fridge.

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