A covert camera captures a mother wolf comforting and lulling her anxious pup to sleep.

When Trumpet, a Mexican gray wolf, gave birth to her first litter, no one anticipated the type of mother she would be. To bring back the extinct Mexican gray wolf, Trumpet was created.

But the she-wolf was special in other ways as well. She was an only child, which is unusual for a wolf, said the executive director of the Worf Conservation Center.

Considering that a litter typically consists of four to six cubs, this tale was remarkable. Her mother and father were the only wolves she was exposed to as a child, the author said. The trumpet was unable to watch her mother raise subsequent litters and gain parenting skills from her example.

The trumpet was introduced to Lighthawk, a wild Mexican gray wolf from New Mexico when she was two years old, and the two hit it up immediately away. Trumpet conceived a child. After giving birth to three cubs, she developed into a devoted and understanding mother.

The she-wolf was seen tending to her young, feeding, cleaning, and snuggling them, on camera in her cave. She rocked her puppies to sleep while giving them a firm cuddle.

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