A fox and a small cat were pals via the glass.

London resident Jennifer Taylor has always cherished seeing nature from her window. But just as the deputies were leaving, she had a startling visitation. A brave young fox comes to her garden every day and likes to sun itself on the woman’s windowsill.

She claims to see her every day and that she has become well-known in the community, especially among kids who can be seen observing her from their bedroom windows.

Taylor isn’t bothered by the wild fox living next door, especially given how well-behaved the fox is. She was “very kind and gentle,” according to Taylor. The fox leaves gifts on the lady of the house’s entryway and even gives them to her.

However, nobody in their home showed any sign of wanting to talk to the cat. But as soon as Didi saw him in the window, he tried to court him and play.

Didi saw the fox’s face through the window as he was perched on his mistress’s lap and sprinted over to play with her. The hostess was able to capture the emotionally charged incident on camera.

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