Cat that has a litter of energetic kittens is simply worn out from his fatherly duties.

Being a parent is incredibly challenging! It doesn’t matter if you’re a cat or a person. Aqua the Maine Coon behaves as if no one has ever experienced parenthood.

He recently gave birth to four gorgeous kittens, which require care seven days a week, 24 hours a day. People have recently enjoyed Aqua. His owner posted a picture of the family’s father dozing off directly in front of the lens.

Fans have frequently been surprised by Aqua. His size has captured the interest of many of them. The owner of a Maine Coon believes that caring for the animal is difficult. Despite being a young cat, Aqua is already quite large. The owner’s hands can hardly contain him.

Users claim that Aqua’s face expression is remarkably close to a person’s. He attracts a lot of attention for his sluggish behavior toward others. Occasionally, the Maine Coon will stand for a picture instead of dozing off.

However, his obligations as a father mean that he no longer has much time for photo shoots. Aqua embodies the best qualities of dad and enjoys his kids.

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