Cute lion cubs and their mother started to play as they crossed the road, causing traffic to slow down.

Imagine being frightened while driving and stopping, but then all of a sudden a stunning panorama opens up in front of you. A magnificent scene with a mother lion and her adorable young cubs playing and cuddling can be seen right in the middle of the road.

The only place on earth where you may see such a stunning scene is in South Africa. Sam and Michaela’s automobile was forced to stop due to the traffic bottleneck.

They were suddenly treated to an incredible sight: a lion family had stopped in the middle of the road. They appeared to have emerged from the bushes to cross, but the cubs were in no hurry, so they decided to stay and rest there instead.

They wanted to play with one another to burn off some energy because they had just woken up. The two were shocked to see the lion cubs having a good time.

The couple captured some photographs and posted them on social media while they waited for the lion family to finish their act, winning the hearts of many.

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