The dog sought to be seen by people by forcing his muzzle through the bars.

The dog was stuck to the gate when the workers at the shelter arrived for work in the morning. How long she had been in this state was unknown. She stayed upbeat and wagged her tail cheerfully every time she saw the volunteers in spite of the poor living conditions.

He was obviously watching for her to be found. The stray dog peered at the people through the bars while looking up in prayer.

The lengthy process that took close to a day required the staff at the shelter to ensure that the animal was handled properly.

The dog, called Mystique, was initially a little perplexed, not knowing where she had gone or what was taking place to her. Mystique had been living with her horrible owners for a while when a chip was found in her shortly after that.

Her health has just improved, and she is moving along steadily. Later, she will be given to new owners who will respect this lovely dog at all times. I’m hoping he’ll experience the love he deserves.

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