A golden retriever puppy saved and took home a tiny cat, and later adopted him as a sibling.

The small stray cat had given up on finding a kind person who would shelter him when aid unexpectedly arrived in the form of a golden retriever.

This amazing tale was posted on a social network where it touched millions of users. The sight first made a lot of people unhappy. When they observed a huge dog dragging a little kitten, onlookers assumed the worst.

It turned out, though, that the dog brought the abandoned cat home to his owners, who couldn’t say no to their pet since the cat was so forlorn and cuddly.

In the video, the white fluffy was bottle-fed by the new owners. After the baby was fed, cleaned, and warmed, he turned into a really lovely guy.

Over time, the cat and the pup became more affluent.

Watching them spend so much time together when they eat, sleep, bathe, and play is beautiful. Have you ever seen a dog and a cat get along in such endearing situations? Write about it in the comments. What a fantastic tale, don’t you think?

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