Mama bear teaches her cub how to “swim” This juvenile bear appears uninterested.

When the weather becomes warm, we’re all looking for a vacation destination where we can cool down and go swimming. Other bears, like this mother bear, prefer to remain at home, though.

Mom and her cub enjoy the neighborhood pools as though they were their own private retreat. Mum seemed ready to unwind as she started swimming around in her neighbor’s pool.

Even though her youngster was still sitting beside the water, the mother entered. She tried to get him to come in, but he wasn’t moved.

He quickly exited the pool since he DIDN’T LIKE IT. Mum gave her blessing for now.

According to reports, this little family visits each year. They also keep the pool spotless while they “borrow” it so the users won’t notice.

It’s not wonderful that animals of many types, such owls, frogs, raccoons, otters, and others, have been known to swim in swimming pools.

Once the pool has been filtered for nearly 24 hours, you may either wash the filter or drain and re-water it. Isn’t it cute?

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