Little puppy is dedicated to owner and lets wife know that husband is hers.

Even the owner’s wife finds it difficult to part with Bike because of how attached he is to his owner. This sweet creature never misses an occasion to show his affection. Bike is the name of a dog that is incredibly loving and friendly.

She does save all of her adoration for her master, though. She is unable to share Nathan with anybody, not even Victoria, his wife, since she loves him so deeply. “My husband is only her boyfriend,” I said. They have a wonderful relationship, adds Victoria.

Bike has really lived with her family since she was a little puppy and is highly attached to them.

It’s amusing how Bike never misses an opportunity to reaffirm her unwavering love for Victoria, and she does it more frequently in front of her as if to proclaim, “He’s mine!”

Bike always shows her love, but recently, while driving, she was entirely open. Victoria captured the cute dog in a video that soon gained popularity on TikTok.

As they go aimlessly, Bike shows her devotion for the owner by placing her head on his shoulder. She appeared to be telling me with all of her glances, “Look, Mom, he is my boyfriend,” Victoria explains.

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