A shelter recently intervened to save a bunch of cats at a family home outside of Quebec after the family was unable to care for them.

Before it’s too late, kittens seek medical attention and stick together. The rescue institution responded quickly when they recognized that four more little kittens in the same family needed help.

Malia and Lily, two volunteers, showed up at the location after learning about the kittens’ predicament.

They were able to get the four kittens to a safe area where they could be taken care of after traveling for an hour and a half.

The rescue facility promised to assist as soon as the family said they wanted to keep the adult cats.

On the way to their brand-new home, the kittens snuggled. Little Britt positioned herself between her older brothers for further “protection.”

They went to the doctor and then to their foster family. Volunteer foster parents bathed the kittens and began the breastfeeding process. The four cats soon started to open up after settling into their foster home and making themselves at home.

Toddlers like curling up in their adoptive mother’s arms or sitting on warm laps. They would rather work together on everything.

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