A four-month-old puppy without front paws likes playing with his assortment of toys.

Even though Ilia is different from other dogs, he has never let that stop him from embracing life to the fullest. A four-month-old chihuahua named Ilia tries to accomplish everything his bigger sisters and brothers can.

He continues to play and run like other dogs. Christy Perallta says Ilia is among the happiest dogs. Despite his disability, he likes life and loves being hugged. He runs. sleeps. plays.

As he is still a little creature, he goes to take a lengthy nap because he has used up all of his energy. Particularly Lamb, who is the same size as him, Ilia likes to sleep with his toys. The main duty of Christene is to make sure Ilia is as comfortable as possible.

She doesn’t want him to think he’s unique or that he’s missing out on anything that might make life more enjoyable for him.

She is ecstatic to watch him running up and down the stairs and back and forth.

There is nothing that can stop him. She is certain that Ilia adoption applications will flood their phone. After all, his unwavering optimism and zest for life will undoubtedly help in the quest for a devoted home.

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