To avoid having to take the patient’s dog to a shelter, a kind nurse adopts it.

This woman works as a nurse in a hospital in Georgia. An old woman who was in really poor health was one of her patients with whom they had a close relationship.

When she felt unwell, the woman solely worried about what would happen to her Chihuahua when she died.

She had no close relatives, children, or even a family; all she had was her dog.

Kimberly was instructed to give the dog to a shelter once the patient passes away. She feared the puppy wouldn’t be able to find a home, though. She chose to take her in as her own.

Kimberly made the choice to give the dog the best life possible by adopting him from the animal shelter. In her opinion, giving this care to her patient in her dying moments was the finest thing she could have done.

This is more crucial than taking care of her health. She says she doesn’t even think about finding the dog a new home. She insisted that she fell in love with the dog the instant she set eyes on it.

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