Don’t let go of my paw, please. The dog wouldn’t let go of the person who had taken him from the shelter because he was so afraid of being abandoned.

Like like humans, some dogs prefer their own private place. They want to unwind, eat quietly, then lie down and think. In contrast, Stanley is not one of them.

He was adopted from a shelter in New Zealand by a man named Will a year and a half ago. Since they first met, the dog from the shelter has developed a wonderful appeal.

He even first resisted letting go of the owner’s hand and stuck with him for approximately 24 hours. He reportedly became more composed as a result of talking to the owner.

Will recalled the first moment he saw his pet. After some time, he became accustomed to apartment life, learned to eat and drink out of his bowl, and developed a deep bond with his owner. He entered his bed and sat so near him that he was sure to touch him.

The moment Will shifted, the dog did the same. He continued to do this habit as he aged. It’s wonderful that the dog found the loving owner he deserves.

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